I Laughed, I Cried…

Posted by on August 1, 2006

I spent HOURS on this post. Yes. Hours. So don’t be lame. Read the whole thing.

I keep feeling like I should be writing something really deep. Or introspective. Or some brilliant analysis of the BlogHer experience. And I’d love to…someday.

But what I wrote on this day is what I had to write. It’s what has been in my heart and on my mind….the goodness of it all. To me, the positivity of the experience far outweighed some of the pesky unpleasant things that occurred.

Yes, there was a real live troll among us that hated mommybloggers. *yawn*

Yes, the wireless/broadband access was less than stellar but I don’t have a laptop so I wasn’t affected.

And yes, there was a brief moment of palpable tension during the closing session where some people cheered when a woman pointed out that she wasn’t a mother when she asked a question of the panel.

Obnoxious? Perhaps. Newsworthy? Not so much, IMO.

What did I learn from BlogHer?

Well, I learned some things about having ads on one’s blog and about optimizing my posts to facilitate better rankings, exposure etc. Oh, and I learned that you’re not supposed to put bras in the dryer. Thank you, Heather Armstrong :)

Okay, now that I’ve dispensed with all that, here’s what I really wanted to write…


When I first decided to attend BlogHer, it was with great trepidation, for I am not what I would call socially graceful.

hot shwagMy anxieties spilled out onto my blog on more than one occasion and onto a few others, as well. It seems, however, that I was worried for no reason. My fears were so far off base that I feel silly forever having worried about it so much.

The fact is, as I remarked to Julie of Mothergoosemouse at the airport yesterday, that it could just as easily have gone the other way. The bad way. All it would have taken to instantly dry up my seemingly limitless ebullience and ruin everything was one act of unkindness toward me. But that never happened. Every person I met was, at the very least, nice, but more typically, every person was way beyond nice. Warm, friendly, generous, kind, fun and seriously freaking cool are the adjectives that spring to mind.

Some of the highlights include:

• going on Deathride 2006 with Jennster at the wheel when we test-drove a Saab and having the GM rep ask us what our blogs gang symbols were (funny but wtf?)

• drinking Mojitos with Chase, Deb and Karl all late night (and a big thanks to Suebob for the fresh mint without which my buzz might not have been possible)

• Dawn trying to teach me the difference between a shank and a shiv in case I ever go to prison

• vogueing with Roo & Sarah

• taking pictures of Jenn Satterwhite molesting innocent statues

• everyone hating on the free asswater provided by Contrex

• snapping pix of people & statuary posing with the now infamous blue fannypack

and countless other moments that I’ll remember after I hit publish.

There were a few tears shed, too:

When Cooper Munroe of Been There Clearinghouse talked about helping the Katrina victims, I couldn’t hold back the tears (and when she gave me an unexpected shout-out for donating my services for another Katrina-based project, I almost peed myself)

I also got misty listening to Arianna Huffington speak of becoming fearless. Her simple statement that failing doesn’t matter was very profound to me. I’m not sure I’ve ever really heard anyone say that. Listening to both Arianna Huffington and Grace Davis speak at the closing of the conference was beyond inspiring. They can both count me as a fan for life.

And when I approached Elisa Camahort to tell her the attendees should have had a chance to applaud her and Lisa and Jory and give them props for creating this wonderful event, we both got teary.

I didn’t really have that opportunity so I will say it here…thanks Elisa, Lisa and Jory for creating Blogher and for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the Blogher ad network. You ladies are amazing and inspiring and I wish you all the very best,

I had the best time I have had in such a long time. As a WAHM, my life is consumed with so many things that involve putting myself last. For three days, I put myself first and enjoyed every second of it.

By the time it was over, I was ready to get home. I ached for my children and missed my husband but honestly, I’ll never forget the sisterhood, the camaraderie, the inspiration, and the fun I experienced with so many women I adore and respect.

I have no regrets at all (other than NOT knowing Guy Kawasaki was in attendance and NOT meeting him) and I wish ALL my blog friends had been there :)

And while I can’t recall every single interaction that I had because there really were THAT many, I feel the need to give some shout-outs so bear with me:

Marrit Ingman? You were the very first person I met at BlogHer. I still owe you a couple bucks. Many thanks to you and Photoshop Goddess Jan Kabili for saving my ass in that Town Car fiasco. I heard you during the Mommy Blogger panel and you blew me away.

Dawn… Holy crap is she ever cool. I knew she would be but seriously, she’s wickedly fun and is exactly like I imagined she would be. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Then there’s Chase. Have you seen her? My God, Chase is so beautiful. She seriously has the most killer smile and she makes a mean Mojito. She totally hooked me up when the bar closed at a pathetic ELEVEN pm. Her roommate Deb and Secondhand Karl were fabulous, too. I enjoyed their company immensely.

Then there’s Roo, who was so nice and so cool and has the friendliest smile you could ever hope to see. Her energy is awesome. If you didn’t meet her, you missed out.

Liz blew my mind. She’s so damned adorable but equally so on the inside. A seriously cool woman with a great vibe. She just exudes a kindness and grace that is hard to articulate.

Suebob, the woman behind Red Stapler was sweeter and more gracious than you could possibly imagine, Honestly, her energy was so pure and good. It’s too bad she disappeared every damn night, thus impeding my desire to talk to her more. She CLAIMS to have been by the pool but I’m not so sure…

Elizabeth was even BETTER than I’d imagined. She is so real and so funny, I wanted to sit around and BS with her forever. I thoroughly enjoyed her company. She’s truly fabulous.

Kristen is only about an inch or so taller than me but in those high heels, she’s a force to be reckoned with… Tall, hot and beautifully pregnant, she is also very kind, considerate and thoughtful, as well as a model roommate.

Courtney Hollands is a videoblogger/BlogHer panelist from Boston and before I wapped her in the head with my backpack, she was a total stranger. She’s not a mom blogger or anything even close. In fact, I think she’s like 24 years old but we bonded instantly. I loved this girl and I hope we will cross paths again because she is way cool.

Karen Rani was also exactly like I knew she would be. Irreverent, very funny and always real, she cracked my ass up just like she does on her blog. Loved meeting her, wish we’d had more time to bullshit. And FYI, she’s really pretty, too.

Carmen was really magnetic and friendly even though I sort of mistook her for someone else. Every time I saw her from then on, it was like we’d been friends for ages. She has the friendliest smile. Love her!

Mocha Momma is SO damn pretty. I told her the first time I saw her picture I was awed. She’s gorgeous in real life, too and really fricken nice, to boot.

Jenn Satterwhite of Mommybloggers just plain rocks. I don’t know why but as I told her, I thought she would be hard to approach and she totally wasn’t. In fact, she was hilarious and made me crack up whenever I was in her presence. Her vibe is so warm and engaging that I had to keep hugging her like a total dorkass.

Jenny Lauck, of Mommybloggers, as well, was also warm and engaging. Seriously, she is SO nice and so damn cool. Both Jenn and Jenny made you feel like you’d known them forever. I can’t wait to see them again next year. And I have about 300 BlogThis tattoos that Jenny laid on me. I gave a bunch out but I still have a shitload of them. Jenny? Did you guys want them back?

Mary Tsao is just like her blog but even cooler, if that is possible. She has a badass tattoo around her bicep (no wimpy hip tat for her) and these amazing blue eyes. She just personifies coolness and I wish I’d spent more time stalking her. Kidding! Sort of.

Amy of Amalah…what can you say that hasn’t already been said? I mean she really is as appealing and funny as she seems on her blog and dude…she’s even prettier in real life. For real.

Tracey is so goddamned funny, she had me in stitches Friday night. She’s got this great comedic way about her that I just adore. And her hair is ultra cute. And she’s a great photographer. Totally loved meeting her!

Catherine is not exactly how I’d imagined she would be. Honestly, she’s BETTER! She’s unbelievably intelligent with a great sense of humor and a depth that is captivating. We won’t even mention those soulful blue eyes…

Christina was great. I felt so comfortable with her and her fearlessness was so inspiring. She just marched right up to people and engaged them. She just emanates a self-possessed-ness that is enviable. I really enjoyed her company.

My hometown bud Wendy was there and she was as funny and likeable as ever. I keep hearing from other people how awesome she is and I’m all NO DUH!

Nancy is just as sweet, thoughtful as she seems. Her vibe is that of a someone with a big heart and a kind spirit. And she has the most adorable hands you’ve ever seen. I loved meeting her :)

I had more of a chance to talk with Julie than I did with a lot of other people and she really is everything she seems to be on her blog; kind, forthright, caring, honest… I like her a hell of a lot and wish we lived closer.

Leigh Ann is super cool. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a pregnant woman as far along as her that could still have fun. She kept up with us through all of our wacky shit and kept me laughing the whole time. So glad I got to meet her!

Cristina came the last night so we didn’t get that much time together but she’s very cool with a good sense of humor and she’s way cute, dude! I hope she goes to Chicago next year!

And finally, Jennster…my crazy-ass soul sista, it’s just not a party if you aren’t there, girlfriend! I’m so glad you made it and I miss you so much already. We’re meeting mid-year or else!!!

Simply put, I met an assload of really great people, as I expected I would. I didn’t expect to feel bonded with a number of them and I definitely don’t feel like I got enough time with anybody. I do wish I could write a blurb about everyone but if I ever want to get this posted, I need to rein myself in so let’s just say that if I linked to them, it’s because they fucking rocked my world in one way or another or impressed me in some way with their goodness or humor; or they were awesome people that had a great vibe, a special aura, or caused me to have massive amounts of fun. If I left you out, rest assured it’s an oversight on my part due to either jetlag or alcohol consumption while at BlogHer. Drop me a note and tell me I suck.

There were a few people I wanted to meet but just didn’t feel right about approaching. And it’s not so much because they are such big rockstar bloggers. I mean they are, but really, I just felt funny going up to them because I didn’t want to bother them or interrupt their private conversations, meals etc., acting all, you know, fan-ish, and humping their legs, licking them etc. So not suave…

What I would like to have said to Heather is that I really enjoyed hearing her speak during her panel. She’s very engaging and charismatic, in addition to being so gorgeous. But what I most appreciated was hearing her speak about how her blogging has enabled her husband to be home with her and Leta and how much this means to her and their family. Having experienced postpartum depression as well as the relentless daily rigors of of SAH motherhood, it really resonated with me. I bit my lip really hard so I wouldn’t cry and look hopelessly uncool, lest she glance my way.

To Melissa, I would have said that I really loved the hairstyle that she blogged about hating. It’s actually very stylish and flattering to her. Plus, I believe she’s a fellow Virgo so she’s undoubtedly cool, as we always are ; p

So there you have it. folks…my ooey-gooey lovefest of a recap of Blogher ’06.


PS: My Blogher pix are finally up in my Flickr. Go take a look via the picture box in the sidebar! If you’ve already seen them and wonder where your comment went, don’t ask. i screwed them up and had to re-upload about 20 fannypack pix. Sorry!
PSS: I lost 2 lbs while at BlogHer (only 11 more to go!) and I’m fairly sure it’s because of all the walking I did. I was in FOUR different airports on my way there and our hotel room was a total hike from most of the action. My thighs actually hurt by the time Sunday rolled around.


  • Mega Mom says:

    You are so freaking sooooper cool and I love that your kids are turning out just like you! I can’t wait for the sisterhood of the traveling fanny pack and I SO look forward to welcoming you all to my ‘hood next year!!!

  • Mocha says:

    This was a great way to pay homage to all the wonderful women there. You’ve outed me, though, and now I will be forced to be nice to EVERYONE. What a standard to meet. Shit.

    When my computer decides to behave I will put up my favorite picture from the entire weekend (no kidding – my ABSOLUTE FAVE) and that is the one where you leaned on my knee and closed your eyes. Geez. It’s fucking beautiful and I look at it on my tiny camera screen and go, “Gaaahhhhh. Sooooo pretty.”

    You were a joy to meet. One hot momma chicky you are.

  • Arabella says:

    Wow, your recap makes me feel like I was there. I’m so glad you had such a good time.

  • Mom101 says:

    I agree with every assessment and am honored to have read mine. Actually, there’s one I don’t agree with: You talk so much about being socially awkward and I dont’ see it one bit. I think you’re every bit as cool as a woman should be with that hair cut and 6’7″ stature.

    Thanks for you and Kristen for making me look short all weekend. Remind me next year: No flats.

  • Carmen says:

    You were amazing, and funny, and so drop dead gorgeous that it should have been illegal. I was totally intimidated by your grace.

    Who did you think I was, anyway? Not many people have ever mistaken me for someone else. Gah, I hope it wasn’t someone annoying and obnoxious and whiny and ……….

    I adore you.

  • Sue says:

    I am so glad you wrote this post because I agree with every word of it, but I was far too lazy to write it and make all the links and everything. Just more proof that you are an amazing human being.

  • Karen Rani says:

    You’re too funny chick – I instantly fell in love with you again after I beat the living hell out of you. :) Oh and about the “pretty” thang? Right back atcha, you sexy bitch.

    I met Guy and when he found out I was from Canada, we had a great conversation about hockey, in which I bullshitted my way through. I like hockey, but do I know anyone besides Eric Lindros? Um, no. Megan has a picture of him with me, so I’m waiting for her to upload it somewhere so I can have it printed and hung. Heh. I said hung.

    I miss you all already. The kids just don’t get my excitement about BlogHer. They’re all “Gimmie chocowate miwlk” and shit.

  • fidget says:

    each one of these recaps further steelies my resolve to squirrel away money for next year

  • Oh Izzy, I just love you to pieces. Dammit, I wish I could stop crying.

  • I laughed, I cried, I vogued with you…

  • jennster says:

    socially ackward? you? NO FUCKING WAY!! god i love you! so much! check your email. check your voice mail. check your text messages. i have been hounding you with love. LOL. i miss you tons. TONS!!!!!!! i just laughed REALLY fucking LOUD at WORK at deathride 2006…. OMG! i am going to pee myself! DO YOU HEAR ME? PEE!!!! lol.
    love you. miss you. SO incredibly happy to have met you in real life and loved you and spend time with you… and and and.. *cries*

  • Chase says:

    My god, woman…I totally tinkled when I saw my name in this post! (Twice, even!)

    You’re easily one of the most beautiful, hilarious, amazing women I met this weekend. I was constantly in awe of you…and I just wanna hug you forever (or until you call the cops). I’m so glad I met you – and so glad you liked my mojitos!!

    I can’t wait to see you again. Chicago BlogHer ’07? I’m buying (or making) you a drink, woman! *big fat suffocating hug*

  • M says:

    It looks like you had a great time! The second I looked at your pictures, I saw Jennster and I was like “I want to hang out with HER!” SO I had to go see her pics and read her blog. How did I miss her before!

  • Wow! Your descriptions of everyone sound wonderful. It leaves me knowing that I have to find my way to Chicago next year! I’m glad that you had a rocking time. You can cover your children with temporary tattoos for years. hee hee

  • Mrs. Davis says:

    What a huge and wonderful recap. I thought it was going to end with Guy Kawasaki jumping out of a cake. He sounds awesome – sorry you didn’t get to meet him.

    I’m in the process of adding a dozen or more new blogs to my Bloglines, thanks to you and some of the others who have “introduced” me to some new names via your BlogHer stories.

  • wordgirl says:

    Wow! I admit to frantically clicking back and forth between blogs to get up-to-the-minute newsbreaks about BlogHer. Now, I’m way into the recaps. I’m so glad it was a good time for you and others. I’m seriously considering Chicago next summer. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  • Wow. That was amazing. I love your attitude about the whole thing – and watching you, it looked like you had an awesome time. I love that you have no agenda – you were just there to party and meet and talk and learn. Awesome.

  • holy crap, this was great (and thorough).

  • Mary Tsao says:

    I swear to sippy cups that I never have been called popular before this conference. I’m totally floating right now and feel that I should be reading these posts to my kids. Look! Respect me! I’m popular!!!

    I’m sorry we didn’t get to hang out more. Let’s promise to rectify that next year.

    P.S. This is a great post with lots of link love and trust me, I know how time consuming posts like these are. You’re great!

  • lildb says:

    what a fabulous tribute. I expected nothing less, given your fabulousness. I was always an Izzy follower, but after the fanny porn, I have become a fierce worshipper of the religion of Izzy.

  • Karl says:

    Now I feel REALLY intimidated trying to document the past four days. Great post. I’m getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about how I can’t wander outside my room and encounter you and gajillions of other witty intelligent women. PBD (Post BlogHer Depression).

  • I wish I could have met you in person. Booo!

  • Heather says:

    I have no doubt it took you hours to write that post; not only is it well written but a fantastic tribute to everyone there.

    After reading this, and in spite of my complete insigificance in the blogging world, I wanna go next year!

  • Deb_LA says:

    Oh my god! I’m mentioned(it’s Deb from “Chase, Deb and Karl” fame!) Yipes! I think I just peed a little. Thanks Izzy and it was so great to meet you. You were so fun and outgoing, I can’t even believe that you were nervous! Great post, Izzy and I had a GREAT time with you too!

  • God. What to say? I’m still in a bit of shock that you and all of my other new bestest bestest friends didn’t jump out of my suitcase when I got home.

    Miss you FIERCE, you super-faboo-rockstar-wonder-chick, you.

  • MamaDuck says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, wow!! Thanks for sharing!

  • tori says:

    It sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have been there with all of you! Perhaps next year!

  • mamadaisy says:

    hmm… just a little bit jealous over here…

  • Suebob says:

    Ok, next year I WANT A MOJITO! After all, it IS my mint!

  • Deb_LA says:

    You LOST weight?????? I hate you. I think I gained 7 billion lbs. That’s right 7 BILLION.

  • Lisa B says:

    I hope you go to Chicago next year… Am dying to meet you. Sounds like a blast!

  • lena says:

    Can I just say that I want to KILL MYSELF right now for NOT hanging with you?? When we met I was in the middle of a total social FREAKOUT and I swear I am not normally such an asshole and I so love you and…and…Chicago? Next year? Can I buy you a drink and fondle your fanny? Pack? ;p

  • mamatulip says:

    It all sounds awesome, Izzy. I kind of feel like I was there, even though I clearly wasn’t.

  • supa says:

    Best recap evar.

    Wish I had gotten to talk to you for more than six seconds, but hey: Nice meeting you!

  • Izzy says:

    I’m really just a glutton for punishment. It kicked my ass…lol

  • Jenny says:

    OMG. I love you, man.

    (You can toss the tattoos ;)

  • Chag says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Cool buttons!

  • I knew you were cool when you bent down to take a picture with me so I didn’t look short. :)

    But seriously, thanks for the mention in your post. I am honored. I tend to be a bit shy in real life and it takes a bit to get me warmed up. And just as I was getting there, it was time to leave. Damnit! Next year, though, fo sho!

    P.S. You and your fanny pack rock the house. xxoo

  • roo says:

    They had style, they had grace– IzzyMom gave good face. Ladies with an attitude…

  • Lisa says:

    Awesome – I so wish I went! And I am really glad that everyone had a good time. :)

  • TB says:

    Look for the shiv shanking and vogueing photos in my album soon. Additionally I have a great one of you comparing yoga moves with Dawn.
    And for the record, you are as socially graceful and lovely a person as can be.

  • MetroDad says:

    See, now I wish I had gone to BlogHer just to meet all these cool and amazing women that I read on a regular basis. However, I am lucky enough to be meeting up with both Liz and Leanne next week. We’re going to have a mini BlogHer. I can’t wait. Glad you had such a great time, Izzy.

  • dorothy says:

    THANK YOU for doing this. There are a lot of names I recognized but didn’t know where to find. Plus, I’m so sad we didn’t get a chance to talk more – I have your little button and stare at it adoringly from time to time. Next year.

  • mrsfortune says:

    Quite a comprehensive recap (and yes, I read the ENTIRE thing. :-) Quite engaging). Congrats on losing the two pounds and I’m so glad you had a good time and that your anxieties were unfounded!

  • Mrs. Chicky says:

    Wow, that took awhile but it was worth it. It sounds like a good time was had by all. Can’t wait until next year!

    But until then I am off to view your pictures. From what I’ve seen so far you are one smokin’ hot mama. And tall! And your hair cut is sublime.

  • Meghan says:

    It was so great to meet you! I like your freckles too! I do with I could have had more time to converse, but for the brief time we played hookey by the pool, you seemed like one of my people! -

  • Izzy, you’re a gift. You share the love, always deflecting attention away from your glorious self and shining the spotlight on others. It says a lot about you. Thank you.

  • Dawn says:

    The shank/shiv photos have been located. Tammie’s got them…

  • Nancy says:

    I see we had the same kind of recap idea. Great minds think alike! But maybe we should have collaborated on our writeups — looks like we covered a lot of common ground! ;-)

    It was so great to meet you. You have an incredible beauty about you that shines out from within. I look forward to our next in-person blog get-together, whenever it may be.

  • Wow..that was a long thoughtful post! I enjoy your blog, and have often lurked…and I saw you at Blogher, but you are far too important a blogger than a youngster like I! Ha Ha.

  • Mayberry says:

    Totally worth reading and I am SO MAD that I never got to see the fannypack! Where the hell was I when that sucker came out?!

  • Lisa says:

    I am inspired by the sisterhood of it all. I want to go next year!!!
    And it was cool to see your pictures of what my favorite blogstresses look like. Y’all are hotties.


  • Kristin says:

    Why can’t I put my bras in the dryer?

    (Great recap. I am hereby going next year)

  • Nila says:

    So many great women, so little time.

    You don’t look socially awkward in any of the pictures I’ve seen of you. Especially the fanny porn pic.

  • chris says:

    Even though I didn’t make an impression on you ;-)
    I adored meeting you.

    I think it is funny how most of us said we felt socially awkward, and yet it isn’t obvious to anyone else.

  • Kim says:

    Thanks for your recap. Those of who didn’t go are dying for stories.

  • Frances says:

    I had been reading about Blogher here and there on various blogs for several months. No one’s post about the events can touch yours – actually they can’t even glance at yours. I enjoyed my visit and shall return. Take care,

  • jes says:

    I’ve loved reading everyone else’s thoughts on BlogHer. I wanted to write a post like this, forever immortalizing the Bloggers I met and loved – and perhaps one day I will. But jimminy cricket! Just like you, there were so many.

    I only met you briefly, and now know that I’ll have to rectify that next year. Next year! Please say you’re going. It will be very hard to meet you if you don’t. Unless, say, you show up on my doorstep in a very not-scary way.

  • jennster says:

    SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES! cause that was SUPER nice of you!

  • Devra says:

    Maybe now is the time to tell you about all that Zanax laced mojito? Sure it looked like mint…

  • Raj Mankad says:

    Were there any men there? The conference sounds amazing and I’d like to go to the next one. I’m accustomed to being the only male at a conference, but I’m curious.

  • Lisa Stone says:

    Izzy, thank *you*. I can’t really put it all into words…every one of you in these comments has changed my little world with your writing. Meeting everyone meant so much. I’m still working on post-BlogHer post…you’re inspiring me to get it up today. So to speak.

    Liz, she’s not 6’7”. She’s 6’8”. I’M 6’7”.

  • QofS says:

    look at you and your fabulous self. Making me spend two days reading this. Well worth it! You actually coined a new phrase and cracked me up. I didn’t get nearly enough time with you (and many others)…next year, no kids for me!

  • Jenn says:

    I totally miss your dorkass hugs. TOTALLY miss them. JUST got home today. My kids keep telling me to just quit hugging already! I just tell them to shut up and pretend to be IzzyMom! They are clueless, but scared so I get the hugs.

    As for the tattoos…I dare you to go to random strangers, ask them to put them on and then photograph it. That would so kick ass! Prizes would be involved for that one.

    (But really, why does anyone think I am unapproachable? The hell?! But since YOU said it first, I am just going to have to use it as a tag line: “Jenn Satterwhite: Izzy approved as approachable and rockalicious!*” *(Yeah, so I misquoted, but it sounded better that way.) I mean, people…I fell in a hot-tub fully clothed to give a hug!)

    Can’t wait to get together again and totally dorkass hug each other again!

  • Wow – it sounds like you had a wonderful time and met a lot of terrific people. I hope to meet some other bloggers someday. I wish we had something like BlogHer in Canada…

  • tracey says:

    You are a serious rock star Izzy and I felt cool just knowing you. Those shades!!!!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had laughing until we cried. You are so ultra fab, I am honored to be in your list! I love this post. It took me back and I’m all a glow with the BlogHer spirit again.
    I want a MomBlogger tat, somehow I missed those and yes, I want to see Dirty Baby. Now.
    Love you girl!

  • I wanted to meet you at BlogHer, since just started reading and enjoying your blog, but didn’t get the chance for some reason. Bah!

    Great post about Blogher. Still haven’t finished mine, as I had mostly positive experiences but one really nasty one. Oh well, it didn’t spoil it for me.

  • Izzzzzzz,

    You are so welcome. I wish we’d had more time to chat. But here’s a virtual hug.

  • crazedparent says:

    good lord, the asswater! how could i forget!!

    was great to meet you izzy – look forward to working with you on the grass roots project!

  • Dawn says:

    Sounds like it went very well. :) I am going to go take a look at your flickr pictures now.

  • izzy, you walked up to me & talked in between sessions on friday. i was just standing around, relaxing and watching people. you were so friendly and personable. thanks for coming up and saying hello. i wish we had gotten to talk more. i hope to next time.

  • Mama C-ta says:

    That’s some weekend. Sounds like a bunch of great ladies.

  • ghandi rules says:

    Sulking and pouting. Jealous..

  • This is the best recap I have read. The very very very best. Makes me feel even suckier about missing it. Sounds like you all had an awesome time. Well deserved.

  • Courtney says:

    Hi hon! I loooove all the flickr pics so much. I think that the gang symbol pose is def your look, hehe. I truly believe that fate brought your mini backpack in contact with my nose… And like I told you, when I’m a mom, I hope to be half as cool as you ;) Much love…

  • Jenn says:

    • taking pictures of Jenn Satterwhite molesting innocent statues

    Oh and for the record, those statues were NOT so innocent. Topless, headless and begging for me!

  • I’m so jealous! I’m going to BlogHer ’07 if I have to hijack a plane to do it (uh, just kidding, FCC.)

    Oh, and I hope you put that mommyblogger-hating troll in her place.

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  • [...] Ever since I came home from attending a certain blogging conference where I partied like a rockstar with tons of amazing women and a great guy I learned many valuable, useful and important things about blogging and got my photo taken with the always impressive Arianna Huffington, I have been feeling kind of…blah. [...]

  • [...] Ever since I came home from attending a blogging conference where I partied like a rockstar with tons of amazing women and a great guy learned many valuable, useful and important things about blogging and got my photo taken with the always impressive Arianna Huffington, I have been feeling kind of…blah. [...]

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