Not now…Mommy has a broken neck

Posted by on December 19, 2005

As I sit here, I can turn my head in only one direction; left (Fortunately, I can use my computer. There is a God.) It all started early this morning when the devil baby decided to melt down after a rather pleasant time. He’s sick so I guess he’s feeling really crappy and I should have seen it coming.

At the time, however, his shrieking was stressing me out to no end and while I sat there, staring at him sitting on my lap, willing him telepathically to stop, he hit a note that made something warm ooze out of my ears. Was it my brain? Or just blood? I’m thinking brain. Everything in my body tensed up and then I felt it. Something in my neck just snapped like a rubber band.

Had I not been so sleep deprived (and jealous of my spouse snoozing away, oblivious, in the bedroom) maybe I could have kept my cool a little cooler and NOT broken my neck the day before my stepmother is coming to visit. This means I won’t be able to do all the cleaning that I blew off yesterday.

While this naturally appeals to me, I know I cannot have any family member to my house in this state. It’s just a big cluttery mess and while I hate it like this, I do somehow manage to live with it. But they would never understand. They are freakishly clean. They are the kind of people that whisk your plate or glass off the coffee table the instant you put it down. But I digress.

After I had effectively (or rather ineffectively) ranted and raved as much as I possibly could and been denied a Saturday appt with the new-age chiropracter by her 20 yr old gatekeeper, I decided to take a bath (my answer to all of life’s difficulties).

While filling the tub, I got undressed. Petulantly, I kicked off my underwear and they went sailing through the air…right into my bathwater. The perfect end to a perfect morning.


  • dazed says:

    I am here to tell you, it could be worse. They could have landed in the potty.

    Lid down at all times. That’s the best advice I can give.

    I had one of those neck things a coupld of weeks ago. I get them now and then. I actually went to our physical thereapy department (I work in a hospital) and they said I had a (insert fancy word I can’t remember here) and gave me a quick massage and some biofreeze. The next day it was gone. It was actually BETTER than the chiro and it took like 5 minutes. Oh and it was so bad that it was making me nauseous and hot all the time, like I might pass out. I had never had that before. Oh yeah, they called the fancy thing a “trigger point”

  • IzzyMom says:

    You know, I hadn’t considered that. I guess I should be happy I didn’t have to do any pottyfishing in my weakened condition.