Monthly Archives: December 2005

Chasing Sleep

My little guy is getting a tooth and he’s not sleeping for more than a couple hours (or less) at a time. This means I am not sleeping at all. *yawn* I’ve tried everything. Anyone know any secrets to settling cranky, teething babies? You’d think I’d never done any of this before but I actually […]

More fun than a poke in the eye…

Thursday 1:15 am In case you were wondering what I did all day today, in no particular order… – Read daughter 2,817 books. Okay, it was more like 7. – Briefly considered going to the grocery store. Decided hunger was more palateable – Found daughter slathering herself from head to toe in body glitter gel. […]

The Daymare Before Christmas

It’s the day before Christmas and all through the house, every one of us is miserable, so I turn to my mouse (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Anyway, both kids were up several times last night with various issues and maladies and at one point, around 3am, the baby decided he wanted to play. It wasn’t […]

Your Tummy is STILL Fat

My stepmom recently left a copy of US magazine at my house. I usually reserve my celebrity catch-up reading for the doctor’s office, but having recently given birth, I was very compelled to read about how celeb moms are under such pressure to lose their baby weight and of course, all about their personal dramas […]

I Adore This Child

*An Exchange This Morning* 5 yr old: Mommy, can I have some more milk? Me: Can you wait a sec? I have to go to the bathroom. 5 yr old: You’re going pee again? Me: No. I’m going poop this time. Is that okay with you? 5 yr old: (ponders about this for at least […]

Not now…Mommy has a broken neck

As I sit here, I can turn my head in only one direction; left (Fortunately, I can use my computer. There is a God.) It all started early this morning when the devil baby decided to melt down after a rather pleasant time. He’s sick so I guess he’s feeling really crappy and I should […]

The price of an attitude adjustment…

I swore I would not go near my blog today because I just have too much stuff to do. Reallly important stuff like packing up and mailing gifts for the nieces and nephews I haven’t seen in nearly two years and cleaning my messy-ass house so I can host a visit from my stepmother which […]

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